New Chat Feature Coming to Facebook Groups (Yikes!)

Posted by Kimberly Dorris @KimberlyGDATF, Dec 7, 2018

Facebook is rolling out a "chat" feature for groups. If you don't disable it (see embedded video in the link below), any group member can start a chat with up to 250 other group members, completely independent of admins and moderators. I can see how this would be useful for specific kinds of groups. However, for a patient support group that is committed to making sure members get credible information, it seems like a great way to roll out the welcome mat for quacks and spammers, as well as an easy way to get around your group's rules. 🙁

Thanks for pointing this out, @KimberlyGDATF. Unmonitored chats in a Facebook group raise a LOT of questions. Nice link to a post about how to disable.

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