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Fri, Mar 17 at 12:59pm CDT · 2 Replies

Match Day 2017 at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network @LeeAase

We were delighted to broadcast Match Day 2017 on Facebook Live today from Foundation House, the former home of Dr. William J. Mayo.

All 41 Mayo Clinic School of Medicine seniors matched to a specialty.

The post with our broadcast is below.

Did your organization broadcast Match Day? If so, let us know how it went, and include a link to your broadcast in the comments.

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Posted by @DanHinmon, Fri, Mar 17 at 1:20pm CDT

This morning I got a call from a proud father in Atlanta who didn't have a FB account and didn't know how to watch. After I talked him through it I received an excited email. "Just wanted to thank you for your help. My son matched and he will be going to Harvard for surgery. I was able to watch live on Mayo FB page. Mayo made it possible!"

A nice reminder of the very human side of the work we do.

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Posted by @davidbirka, 6 days ago

Social media has provided a behind the scenes glimpse of the process that produces the new generation of medical practitioners and future break throughs in medicine.

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