LinkedIn post view counts are fixed. Did you know they were broken?

Posted by Beth Granger @beg9040, Thu, Jan 24 8:40am

Have you noticed odd or inconsistent behavior with LinkedIn post views? (Or should I ask if you track post views?)

LinkedIn says:
We recently discovered an issue with our content analytics product that impacted the view counts on some members’ posts from the last few weeks. We’ve corrected the issue and all view counts are now accurate. Please note that this issue did not affect sponsored posts.

The frustrating thing is that it took me asking to find out and now despite them saying it is fixed, I’m not sure I will trust the numbers again. Perhaps they can’t communicate about every bug or issue, but I think with this they should have.

I've been monitoring our follower numbers on LinkedIn for the last 3+ years and I recently noticed declining numbers. This is very odd because we usually have growth each week. Two weeks in a row we had our follower count decrease and now it seems to have returned to normal. I thought maybe LinkedIn was purging fake accounts or something, but this makes more sense.

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