Leveraging "Controversial" Government Content during Covid?

Posted by Matthew Rehrl @matthewrehrl, Dec 12, 2020

Here's a video from the Government of Alberta, covidloves.ca:

I think it emotionally resonates quite well.

Q: Knowing that the more of your organization's patients that come home for Christmas, the more of your patients or their family and friends are going to die in January (as demonstrated right now by the Thanksgiving surge-December Covid Deaths Dyad!), would you advocate for your organization to digitally leverage this type of covid content?

Why or Why not?

(Lots of complexity here. For example, I find that most health orgs do not directly leverage government content–even in a pandemic, and are much more likely to retweet their local NFL team than the CDC. Also, there are questions about "protecting one's brand". Content like this is usually off-brand in one way, but very on-brand if your brand is about saving lives. finally, whenever a private org weighs in with government-sponsored info, there will be blow-back from a segment of the public.)

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