Leverage The Mayo Clinic by Leveraging Lee’s Webinar - May 23rd

Posted by Matthew Rehrl @matthewrehrl, May 17, 2019

If you are working on a social media project which needs C-Suite support, then Lee’s May 23rd Webinar May be invaluable.

Why? Because (along with Dr Tim Farris as Med Director), as head of Mayo’s Social and Digital Innovation Team you can get highly trusted advice.

Keep in mind that The Mayo Clinic has been rated the number 1 hospital in the world, so if their social media-innovation director says this is why they do or don’t do something then it has super high value.

Example: Lee and I had a chat a year ago about the relationship of their social media platform with the their website, and he happened to mention the Mayo Website has 30-50 million visits per month, and what this means in terms of experimentation and innovation (ie its much easier to experiment with Snapchat than the Mayo Homepage). I’ve used this discussion several times with C-Suite executives to point out the need to view one’s digital platform holistically, not by department or silo. Why? cuz that’s what the Mayo does, and that’s one reason they have a couple million twitter followers (which, incidentally, may feedback into their consistent #1 awards)

Anyway, Lee’s Webinar may be a chance to get some insight into your most difficult issues. It’s a huge value.

No question Lee has lots of good ideas rattling around in that social-media-focused brain of his. This is our first "Ask Me (Almost) Anything" webinar, and if it's a success we'll do more of them – perhaps focusing on other leaders in the field.

If anyone's thinking of questions now, you can add them here or on the webinar page. https://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/webinar/ask-lee-aase-almost-anything/?date=2019-05-23 The webinar is free, so share on social and let your colleagues know.

Thanks for your encouragement, @matthewrehrl!


I just signed up! Looking forward to it.


After listening to Lee's presentation at RARE on the Road Denver last weekend, I'm excited to be able to hear more of his ideas on social media.


Great to have you join us, @lkortanek and @team4travis. Do you have questions you'd like Lee to answer? If so, please go to the webinar page and enter them: https://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/webinar/ask-lee-aase-almost-anything/?date=2019-05-23 That will give Lee a heads up and some time to prepare. Don't be shy! No question is too simple. We're all learning from one another.

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