Introducing Urgent care model for the first time

Posted by Mohamed Helmi, MD, MBA @mhelmi, Jul 14, 2019

Hello everyone, it's my utmost pleasure to be here with you
I'm working as Marketing director for a company introducing the Urgent care model for the first time in Egypt, So I need your advice regarding the core strategies to distinguish this model apart from both Emergency services and private walk-in clinics taking in consideration that this model is very new to our community culture.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your question @mhelmi. What a remarkable opportunity to introduce an urgent care service in Egypt for the very first time. Would you mind clarifying? How would you simply explain the difference between Emergency Care, Urgent Care, and Walk-In Clinics in Egypt?


Hi Mohamed- I worked in urgent care for 20 years as a doc so I may have a little bit insight here.

One good starting point, hopefully coordinating with the docs:

Write out a nice long list of three types of patient/Symptoms complexes which include:

1. Patient/Symptom complexes you really want to see ( (ie 5/y/o old wrist injury, cough in a 25 year old, non-painful "pink eye, ….

2. Patients you absolutely don't want to see ( Chest pain in a 55 year old, syncopal episodes in an 80 year old, seizure fu in a 1 month old,….

3. Pts you will see, but don't really want to see ( Painful red eye, r/o ectopic pregancy, etc

From a money perspective, you want to focus on #1
From a patient health and safety perspective, you want to focus on #2

(And as new organization I would focus mostly on attracting"easy" patients of #1, while filtering out as early as possible the #2s. Think like the Boeing 737 Max – it's only going to take a couple of disasters to really hurt your business, so be really careful at these early stages to not get over your head too deep – think simple, safe. boring patients until you really have a sense of your clinical capabilities in practice)


Oh, by the way, the most interactive digital element for most urgent care centers is to somehow present the wait time on your organizational home page. Once people know where to find the wait time it will recurrently drive traffic to your site – so it may be an opportunity to join it to other information you want to share by being close to a dynamic post such as a youtube video.


Totally agree with @matthewrehrl. I've worked at a hospital before where we launched a campaign about our urgent care clinic and when patients should use it. So in addition to communicating with the physicians about what you do/don't see, it's important to also communicate that to patients. There was a list of common problems treated at the clinic (pink eye, UTI, rash…) and that list was on a sign distributed to local primary care offices and emergency departments.

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