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Posted by Missy Staben @melissa.staben, Oct 14, 2016

I would like your feedback. Does anyone promote a business internationally through social media? If so do you have separate accounts or do you use your main account. Thank you! Missy

We at Mayo Clinic have two Facebook pages, one in English (https://www.facebook.com/MayoClinic) and one in Spanish (https://www.facebook.com/MayoClinicEspanol). The same goes for Twitter. I think some things to consider when deciding whether to separate out into different accounts or not are: how much content one actually plans to post in the other language, if the posts are relevant to the whole audience (geographically), and if not, if that platform offers the ability to target specific geographic locations (e.g., gated Facebook posts), etc. Hopefully this helps as a starter at least!

Thank you for replying!! Are the separate accounts for specific programs, like International for instance, or for the system but in different languages?

We have separate accounts for some different areas of Mayo, as well as the Mayo enterprise account. Then, the Mayo enterprise has a couple accounts for different languages. Regarding having many separate Facebook accounts vs. one enterprise one, we lean towards the enterprise perspective, utilizing the large audience we’ve already established there, since new accounts would start with a following of zero and fight an uphill battle with low organic reach. That said, on rarer cases it might make sense to have a separate Facebook page. Our social media team consults internal groups that are considering this. We typically try to steer them away from creating separate Facebook pages, but sometimes we may agree with them that it would be a good approach for their specific area.

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