Internal Communications Platform

Posted by Reed Smith @reedsmith, Jul 9, 2019

Anyone using internal communications platforms/apps/software? Do you like it? Pros/Cons.

I am thinking things like Social Chorus, Voice Storm, etc

Mic check… one two, one two… is this on?


At my old clinic we had a very active internal physician blog and an internal employee blog.

On the physician blog, any physician could post on any topic, and there was at least one blog post a week by senior leqd ship (board level, med director etc). When we were self-owned (1share, one vote) these topics were often quite sensitive, important and open. We might discuss expansion issues, EHR problems, whether or not we should use Press Gainey, new business ideas, board gender representation, etc. It was an excellent digital back door for any physician to communicate directly with the CEO and board, but also to make these discussions public. As shareholders the CEO was effectively our employee.

The employee blog was mostly a feel good/information distribution blog. Interestingly after we got bought out by a large corporation, some of the more important discussions dropped off.

Then there was obviously internal email, which is the digital communication platform. I am curious if people see their internal email as a key part of a healthcare digital platform and us it to leverage external efforts (for example, asking employees to share critical health related external posts?

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