Instagram software

Posted by Kelly Bussanich @kellybussanich, Jun 14, 2019

Has anyone ever used http://www.combin.com to grow their Instagram following or anything similar? Is it worth it? Is there something better?

Thanks for asking @kellybussanich. I'm not familiar with this tool. I'm going to tag a few community members who may be able to help: @MeganRowe @blpope @kristenschneider @denabrannen @lucybordewick @lmedrano @ewhitmore @RandallPost @julieswenson. What are your favorite Instagram management tools?


Curious to hear everyone's feedback. We do not use an Instagram growth tool specifically. But we do use Sprout Social for management. Our region is fairly small and we're not searching for a national brand. Curious to hear about tools like this and the quality of the follower for your brand goals.


We are just letting ours grow organically because we're a 2 person department for 3 hospitals and can't manage too much content creation. I am trying the Later app, since it has some powerful tools to make our limited posts more effective. My first attempt at scheduling a post didn't work. I have to look at their tutorials.

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