Instagram and Hootsuite

Posted by Erika Carbone @esloan, Nov 26, 2018

Hi everyone,
It looks like Hootsuite is making changes that will impact the ability to follow specific hashtags and geo-tags, making it more difficult to monitor what people are saying about your organization. Does anyone use any other monitoring products besides Hootsuite? We've run into issues keeping our LinkedIn page connected… things like that… so just wondering if anyone has had better luck or prefers another monitoring platform.

Hi @esloan! We use Sprout Social and are having the same issues. We are unable to listen for our location tag as of this week. As for LinkedIn, we also have to reconnect every so often. So, you aren't alone. 😉


@laurynb, thanks for your response! Good to hear we aren't alone, I just don't understand Instagram's reasoning behind it.


Is the issue only with instagram or other social platforms? We're looking into Hootsuite and that would be good to know. Thanks!

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