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how much will you post on election day?

Posted by Megan Rowe @MeganRowe, Nov 4, 2016

I’m planning to do very little posting on Election Day. We have our weekly “Team Tuesday” Facebook features highlighting employees, and for Election Day, I planned a veteran in anticipation of Veteran’s Day — risky, but I hope with our audience we’ll get appreciative comments and not nasty political stuff. Other than that, I’m planning to keep posts to a bare minimum, especially after the polls close and every tweet becomes about who’s leading where.

On the other hand, I’ve heard some suggest that posting totally unrelated content at a time when everyone is on social media anyway is great exposure.

@DanHinmon wisely advised us to avoid weighing in on the election:

What are you planning to do?

I thought about posting something general encouraging people to vote, but decided not to go there at all. Some of our community members can get really angry while discussing thyroid issues, so I decided that throwing politics into the mix would be ill-advised. I do have a video scheduled from Dr. Herbert Benson, who did a presentation on “The Relaxation Response” at one of our old conferences. I figured that would be appropriate 🙂

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Very creative solution, @KimberlyGDATF. One of the challenges that comes with even encouraging people to vote is that it can sound like you’re supporting a candidate. For instance, if I post a Spanish message encouraging people to vote, am I really doing it because I assume most will vote for Clinton? This election is full of landmines. @MeganRowe I like your ideas. Clever responses can even be misunderstood in this environment.


We’re actually considering following in the footsteps of Excedrin’s #DebateHeadache campaign, but a bit more subtle. Our post would focus on neck and back pain felt this political season with relief coming from our spine center. Quite risky, but then again I did just get served this ad from Pandora: “Election got you down? Turn your tears of pain into tears of laughter with Election 2016 Comedy.”

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