Holiday Graphics/Social Posts

Posted by Kayla Schaffer @kaylaschaffer31, Jan 13 2:44pm

Hello All,

Would you be willing to share which holidays you celebrate on your social pages?

Examples: Valentine's, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Nothing set in stone for the #gyncsm community on Twitter but in the past we have tweeted for Independence day , Winter Holidays , Memorial Day , Labor Day , Thanksgiving, sometimes we also do First day of Spring / summer/ winter.
If we hold a chat say on Valentine's day or Martin Luther King Day we will mention that during a chat.


Hi Kayla. At the start of each month, I map out holidays, awareness days (including fun awareness days) and schedule social media posts around themed around the days. Here's my January calendar which I published on Medium for others to use https://marieennisoconnor.medium.com/14-things-to-add-to-your-social-media-calendar-in-january-595f112fb2ab You can follow me on Medium to be notified each month when I do this 🙂


Pie day!!!!! Great resource!



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