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Posted by Camille Bautista-Fryer @cambautista, Jan 31, 2018

Curious to know if any organizations here have an active presence on Snapchat? If so, how do you use it?

Seems that since there is no way to track data or engagement that there would be little ROI.

I’ll be interesting to see the response to this as well. We haven’t used Snapchat yet. Our thought process is that we aren’t reaching the audience we want to as far as the decision makers with Snapchat and the tracking aspect that you mentioned as well. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ve thought of some different campaigns that Snapchat might work, but for now we feel like Instagram would be just as effective.

SnapChat seems to be a medium more favored by the younger demographic, and by and large the demographic for healthcare tends to be a bit older. Facebook seems to work the best for those.

Question for everyone. We don't feel we have the time/need to be on snapchat as an organization, but I am wondering if there is any way to monitor activity at our hospitals? A leader recently came to me and expressed concern that a student on our campus had snapped another student and there was PHI in the background. Luckily, she was made aware of the snap by the student in receipt of the snap, but given that you can't take a screenshot without the other user being aware of that, I am looking for tips even on how folks can best anonymously report the abuse of snapchat by any students or employees. I try to recruit staff to help me monitor things like this and I want to give the best advice on how to do that and still remain anonymous if they so wish. Thanks!

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We have tried it, as we have a children's hospital. But so far, we haven't figured out how to make it work. Love hearing what others are doing with it.

We haven't implemented a Snapchat strategy; however, we have used branded filters for some of our events or sponsored events that we anticipate a high attendance. We usually get 50-100 uses of our branded filters so we consider it well worth the investment!

Same here! We haven't yet implemented a Snapchat strategy. The audience that we have prioritized targeting skews older, so it doesn't make sense at this point for our organization. @denabrannen, that is great to know about the event filters. We are about to try that out with one of our events for the first time.

We are using it for more event specific type situations along with GEO Filters to further engage audiences for the event and then we have access to analytics to add into our data and analytics reports.

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