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Posted by David Harlow @dharlow, Apr 7, 2016

I am kicking off a biweekly Blab – Health Wonk Review Live With HealthBlawg, The plan is to discuss some of the posts collected in each edition of the venerable Health Wonk Review blog carnival. I hope that some of you might find this to be of interest, and I hope that some of you may be prepared to offer your feedback so that we may continue to improve it. I know Janet Kennedy is a Blab early adopter. Are others using this platform on a regular basis? http://j.mp/blabhwr1 Tues April 12 1 pm ET (rerun available at same URL). Thanks!

Great idea, @dharlow. We had a very interesting intro to Blab last week for our March webinar, hosted by @jkennedy93 and @drmikesevilla. Lots of potential in the Blab platform for sure.

Members can view the webinar in the archive at this link: https://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/discussion/march-webinar-mayo-clinic-social-media-network-on-blab/

Let us know how your kickoff Blab goes!

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Thanks for the shout-out @dharlow and @DanHinmon. I have signed up for your Blab, David and look forward to hearing what you and your guests have to say. That said, I’ll have questions too!

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I just subscribed too. I’m looking forward to checking out the content!

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Thanks all. As Janet and Mike and others know, it is hard to juggle being producer and host, particularly with a new platform. A few technical glitches, to be sure, but nobody got hurt. The Health Wonks seem to like it so far, and I hope that others find the wonks and the wonkery engaging enough to keep coming back.

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