Posted by Aldon Hynes @ahynes1, Jul 1, 2011

Anyone else on Google+ I finally got my account up and running this morning. Still have a bunch of kinks to work out. Let me know if you’re on, or want to be on.

Read Steve Woodruff’s (@connectionagent @impactiviti) review this morning and am intrigue. Would love to futz around with it. Toys!


I would like to be on if nothing more than to see what it’s all about. Read @kevinmd’s review this morning on Google Circles, and he feels the latter is what makes Google+ worthwhile, at least for Docs.


Bob, Meredith, anyone else,

Send me an email at my work account, hynesa@chc1.com to let me know what email address I should invite. One of the problems is that invites are tied to email accounts, so I’ve got access from my personal email account (aldon.hynes@orient-lodge.com) but not from my Gmail account or my work account.



Couldn’t get on/through but s’ok. I’m busy reading reviews and wondering if this will be another Wave-esque event from Google. OTOH, I admire their willingness to try stuff.


I’ve been using Google+ extensively for the past several days, read quite a few reviews, and written some comments of my own on my blog. In particularly, see my comments at http://www.orient-lodge.com/node/4575

I have a very different view than Kevin, based particularly on the technology adoption lifecycle. (In particular, see Rogers, Everett M. (1962). Diffusion of Innovations). It seems to me that too many people, Kevin included, make generalizations about innovations that fail to recognize the implications of this lifecycle


Meanwhile, I still can’t get onto the thing and that alone gives me pause.


been meaning to respond to this…

i’ve been playing with G+ for the last week or so. I posted some brief, semi-organized thoughts here: http://sperber.posterous.com/59911505.
I generally try to reserve judgement so early, but I gotta admit I am a big fan already. and i can easily imagine future uses both personally and professionally.

the synchronous/asynchronous nature of circles was enough to get my attention. the hangout feature has lots of business potential (and you can turn off the video portion if you like). the sparks feature is not really utilized by me yet, but i can see it being interesting.

the rollout has been purposely slow to make sure there is scalability and so that they can incorporate feedback rapidly. Community managers there post pretty frequent updates about changes they are making, and often note privacy as a main concern. which is nice.

I think the worldwide rollout is scheduled for 7/31, although many (US based) have been able to access as of last night. Keep checking back to plus.google.com to see if you can get in and kick the tires.

I like Kevin’s synopsis, and agree with many points. I will add that I think G+ is not solely aiming at FB. It’s a challenge to LinkedIn, Twitter, Chatter, Basecamp… As people develop ways to integrate it into the broader web experience (being able to post to G+ from around the web, and posting to other social outposts from within G+) it wil become more useful. In the interim it’s a great exercise in creativity, and considering alternate ways to make the web social.


Thanks for sharing the link to your thoughts Jodi. I’m curious, do you consider yourself an innovator or early adopter? Does your tendency to adopt (or not) new technology shape your opinion?

As an aside, Last night, Google opened up invites briefly. I invited several people and I know the Kevin got in. Meredith, have you tried getting in?


Aldon, I am definitely an early adopter. But a price sensitive one… I.e., I let others purchase the hardware and wait for the feedback, all the while following the conversation to see if it is worth investing. Hence I have an ipad2. Online is different, though – I am often in early to investigate. Been on twitter since ’06, gmail since beta, quora and aardvark since beta, etc. I find it very useful to watch something evolve and provide feedback on my own experience. Reminds me that everything is just a creation and can be changed. It’s all a series of choices.

Perhaps more philosophical than you were looking for, but there it is. 🙂

As for shaping my opinion, I like to think that I am good at reserving judgment until I personally play with it, or until someone I highly trust gives me a reasonable explanation. I am ok with having to wait a bit if necessary.

I saw the open invites go up and invited a few as well. Looking forward to seeing it scale, to truly get a feel for what the interface will feel like.


Aldon: I’ve been trying to get in for days but keep getting a notice about the party being closed for now.

Jody: You can’t see me, but my eyes are wide with awe. On Twitter since ’06? Wow.


Meredith: It may be something weird with the timing of when you check. They opened up invites last night about 10 PM EDT. I sent invites. My wife didn’t get one, but Kevin did, and got in. They have since closed invites again.

Rumors are that they will open it more widely at the end of the month, but I don’t trust the rumors.

Jodi: I’m an innovator and often sign up on many different systems as they get going. I beat you by a couple months on Twitter. I joined 10/2006. Although, I must admit, I haven’t tried Aardvark. I have done a bit on Quora, but not as much recently.

I suspect that people innovator/early adopter/early majority/late majority/laggards is another interesting way of looking at personality types, and that many people’s reactions to social media are influenced by this. Most of the people I know who identify as innovators or early adopters love Google+. Most of the people I know that identify as late adopters hate it.


Meredith, I was able to get in during the window last night but couldn’t move fast enough to get my wife’s account set up before it closed again. She did get the invite via email, but by the time I got to the next step, it had locked down.

I have to say I love Google+ so far. So much potential.


If anyone would like to add me to Google+, my email is jeff1132@gmail.com. I just tried adding Aldon to my Following circle…

I’m pretty new to Google+ and not sure I have a lot of time to play with it.


I just posted a limited message for people in my #hcsm and #smhn circles. If you are in those circles of mine, you’ll see the message, and if you click on ‘limited’ you’ll find other people with shared interests you may want to add to your circles.

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