Favorite Podcast on Rare Diseases?

Posted by Allison Bones @team4travis, Tue, May 21 1:15pm

I'm new to MCSMN and would be interested in hearing from you about good podcasts on rare diseases, specifically primary immunodeficiencies and genetic birth defects. Our non-profit is fairly new and dedicated to the rare genetic birth defect Isolated Congenital Asplenia (ICA). Children with ICA are born without a functioning spleen, which severely impacts their immune systems. ICA is often undiagnosed, revealed only during autopsy after a child has died from an infection. TYIA for recommendations.

Hi Allison…did you ever get any answer to your question?

Is this link helpful? http://expertscape.com/ex/heterotaxy+syndrome


Hi Brendan, Yours is the first answer I received to my original query. I'll be sure to check out this podcast. From what I know about heterotaxy, it can impact the spleen, so that is similar to ICA. It will be interesting to listen to this and learn more. Thank you!!

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