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Posted by Lucy Bordewick @lucybordewick, Nov 9, 2017

Does anyone have any experience with Facebook Locations for Business? It looks likes it’s geared more for retail, but I’m thinking about diving in for some of our retail services like plastics/derm, medical equipment sales locations, etc. Curious if anyone else has done this? https://www.facebook.com/business/help/174184552932540

Facebook locations absolutely work for healthcare-based businesses! Not only do they work as a social-media based directory, they also allow you to cultivate a community around a particular location. While the retail side of it allows you to advertise specials, it can also work for hospitals and clinics. Posting about small changes can help people feel more connected. New equipment everyone is excited to use? Post about it. New flowers at the receptionist’s desk? Post about it. Small touches like this can make people feel more connected to a location, and it gives them something to talk about when they come in for their visit.

It also has another practical purpose. One of your clinicians are out for the day? If you can’t get ahold of all the patients the traditional way, you may be able to reach them via social media.


Thanks for your feedback! So do you feel you need to monitor and post on them like a page? I’m not sure I have the time/content to do that at this point.


If your local staff has a few minutes to post, then yes, they should be doing that. Monitoring them is a must, but it doesn’t have to be done once a day, especially if the page isn’t that active. Once a week should suffice.


We not only claim each of our locations on Facebook and Google Maps, but we use a service called Moz Local to assure that our NAP information (name, address, phone number) is accurate across countless online directory websites (think YellowPages, White Pages, etc.).



Hello Lucy,

We are working with a company called Rio SEO to claim all of our Facebook, Yelp, and Google locations. I love Yelp because they send a notification every time someone reviews one of your locations. However, Google and Facebook are more difficult to monitor, so I’m still trying to get my arms around all of the Google and Facebook locations so that we can respond to reviews as they are posted.

One consideration for Facebook is that we decided not to claim provider pages. Once a page is claimed on Facebook, it is difficult to relinquish, say, when a physician leaves our employment. However, we did claim all of our different locations, which is a good start.

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