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Posted by Rachel Miller @rachelhm, Nov 15, 2017

Do you have a program to encourage employees to be active social media ambassadors for your hospital? What has worked for you? I would like to propose a reward-based program, but would love to have examples and also suggestions as to how to monitor it.

@erikbergstrom presented a case study on employee advocacy at our 2016 Annual Conference. Erik – can you give us an update?

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’m going to chime in, but @erindonegan is our employee advocacy expert, so she may chime in with additional insights as the person “in the trenches.”

Our employee advocacy program continues to do well, although we’re not getting the kind of sign-ups as we would like. I feel part of the problem with that this year was the fact that we completely redesigned our website. We have a small team (me and @erindonegan) so when we were working tirelessly on our website redesign, our social media efforts and employee advocacy activities suffered. That’s not the fault of the program itself; that’s the fault of our small team (which is set to grow in 2018 to alleviate that problem in the future).

We’ve also learned a lot more about our platform, VoiceStorm by Dynamic Signal. We’ve attended some of their networking events recently to learn about how other healthcare organizations are using their platform. One additional avenue we’re going to take is using the platform for internal communications. Instead of the mobile app only being used to broadcast our latest blog posts to employees who are part of our employee advocacy program so they can then share it on their social media channels, we would now use the platform to send company news to those employees (these broadcasts can’t be shared on social media). We hope that by using it for internal communications, we’ll get more sign-ups for the program because employees with experience FOMO (fear of missing out).

One other little tidbit we learned recently is that all of those internal comms broadcasts can later be compiled into a newsletter of sorts.

We’re currently in the process of getting out to each of our 14 locations to showcase our employee advocacy program to all employees to encourage sign-ons. With that, and the addition of two more team members, we hope that our employee advocacy program will continue to grow, continue to increase awareness of our brand in the communities we serve, and continue to drive more traffic to our website.

If you need more information or would like to speak about this, Erin and I are always happy to help.

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Hi Rachel. Sutter Health use Dynamic Signal as their employee engagement platform and showcased their quick progress in a recent webinar https://resources.dynamicsignal.com/h/c/185166-webinars?_ga=2.43571238.2039521373.1511802973-1896877021.1510077184


Thank you all for your input. I have some additional questions.
1. Do you get push back from employees for being asked to effectively market? If so how do you address it?
2. How much training do you do with your employees who chose to be brand ambassadors?
3. Related to above how do you make sure that the content that they are sharing is messaged appropriately?

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