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Posted by Carol Vassar @vassarradio, Aug 25, 2015

Hi all:

Carol again. This time, I’m looking for some hard stats on allowing the use of social media in the healthcare realm.

I have to prepare a presentation for our HR executive team to open the dialogue on opening social media for employees. Does anyone have any stats that would counter the following anticipated arguments?

1) Social media is network security issue
2) Social media is a hinderance to productivity
3) Social media is a patient privacy issue

Also, if anyone has information supporting the argument that social media IS a valid employee engagement tool, that would be helpful as well.


Well…I’m no expert…but first, we are already there via our smart phones. I think @HiveDan said in today’s webinar 60-70% get web content on mobile. Here is an ebook which I downloaded from TrapIt earlier this year, which was helpful to me when pitching to my boss the importance of a corporate Twitter account & the role the rest of the team could play related to learning how to be ‘brand champions’. Here’s the link to the ebook. It explains what employee advocacy is and how it can help a business. http://hubs.ly/y0FsJd0

Such a good question, Carol V (and great comment, Carol B!). This reminds me that @benforstie started a conversation about this a few months back and received some interesting responses. Check out this link: https://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/discussion/we-have-a-meeting-coming-up-with-our-it-department-on-opening/ Any updates, @benforstie?

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We have shelved this for now until we are ready to launch our new consumer and colleages websites. We did engage in a conversation with IT and they immediately started talking about productivity… lol. My advice on your questions would be to ask the appropriate questions to the appropriate audience. Security is IT, productivity is HR, etc.. The best approach would be to get senior leadership, or even the CEO on board first if possible.

1) Social media is network security issue
– What is the difference between Facebook and any other webpage?
2) Social media is a hinderance to productivity
– With desktops being opened it allows for a more controlled situation. Who does not already use their personal device to check in on social media throughout the day?
3) Social media is a patient privacy issue
– Again, by opening access, you also open up appropriate training opportunities. Currently, it is counter-productive to train and educate on a closed network.

Not sure who to give credit to, but this sticks in my mind.. “you trust us with our patients lives, but not Facebook?”

My 2cents.


“Opening up Training Opportunities”…..exactly! Who are some of the highest utilizers of healthcare? Healthcare providers, that’s who. Cool Fact: We are patients of our own healthcare systems. We already rate on Yelp, share cool outreach event promos on Facebook and yes, tweet & mention when our Mom/Dad/cousin receives AHHMAZING care. Social Media tools are as essential to clinical practice today as our brains and a stethoscope. Why not arm the team with evidence based use of these tools in the same way we empower one another to master new clinical competencies? Educate & Mentor for success, practice at the top of licensure…these are fundamentals of team-based care. I feel effective practice/application of #hcsm tools can be the ultimate team-based care platform. Great discussions!

Thanks Carol – I love the angle of “we are not only employees, but we are patients, too!”

Just got this info today from TrapIt. Results from employee survey about what they want in employee SoMe advocacy. Might help add to your case…if its not too late.

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