Creating Separate Facebook Group

Posted by Megan Augustyniak @northwesternmed, Jun 2, 2017

We’re a rapidly growing health system and one of our newer entities wants to create a separate Facebook group in support of their summer wellness program. I’d only be up for five weeks and would serve as an online support system to share evidence-based information, as well as peer-to-peer support and encouragement throughout the duration of the program. My gut reaction here was not to create one because our team is trying to consolidate channels and not add them. Our Legal Department is not super crazy about this either, but I’d be curious to hear how other health systems have handled this? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hi Megan, I would look at the goals for this Group. If you simply want a one-way communication channel, then maybe it’s not the answer. However, if you want to build a community for the program participants, where they can support each other and receive info and encouragement from the group leaders (admins), maybe it is a good fit. I would leave it up for longer than the program’s duration. Would the program be offered annually? Why not leave it up? My guess is that there would be minimal activity during the “off” months, but then more members would join next year. “Old” members could leave the group, but the activity may inspire them to get involved in the wellness program again. I saw this behavior in a running Group I’m an admin of. Also, a benefit of Groups is that they’re managed by individuals and not Pages, so you’ll just have to find one or two committed individuals to serve as admins.

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