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Posted by Aldon Hynes @ahynes1, Sep 30, 2011

At times, we’ve discussed ways of making videos here, for internal education, patient education, etc. I believe I’ve mentioned some simple animation tools that are available, such as XtraNormal.

Today, in response to a discussion about patient education, I made a sample video about diabetes. You can see it here:

Has anyone else created videos like this? Would anyone be interested in collaborating on creating some patient education videos?

I have seen these, but have never created one. I think you did a great job with it! This is an interesting idea to discuss. In fact, we have another project where I think this could work. Would you have time to discuss in the next few days?

I used XtraNormal to create “Don’t Be That Church” which is about social media-phobia: http://bit.ly/oUHSOu. Would love to talk w/you more about producing these things because length, script, and (really!) camera angles make a difference. I think people tend to put in too many hand movements and facial expressions which end up diluting the impact. Fortunately for me, Dan (my future husband) was a news producer for NBC in a prior life and helped me a lot with camera angles.

Yeah, I’m pretty open the next few days. I think there are a lot of interesting possible uses for this. Many of the XtraNormal videos have a tendency to be a bit edgy with one person being highly critical of the other.

So, as I worked on it, I thought of what a patient activist might say to doctors who just don’t get it. As an example, what would an RAWarrior have to say to a clueless doctor?

They are really simple to do. I probably spent all of five minutes creating the sample I shared and there is some real interest in getting people to collaborate to create some patient education videos.

Meredith – That is a great video. You are right about the importance of script, timing, camera angle, etc. We should talk more about this.

Happy to, Aldon. I’d love to do another XtraNormal video. I spent 6 hours working on mine to keep it under 2 minutes…was hoping to get in under 1 minute. I think it’s entirely possible to craft short bursts/nuggests of patient advocacy/empowerment without being too edgy…although a teensy bit of edge gets the traction. Just don’t have to be nasty! BTW, I have LOTS of experience dealing with clueless docs!!

As an update, I asked one of my co-workers, who speaks spanish, to help me translate the diabetes video. Here’s what we can up with:

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