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Posted by Kathy Winter @kathywinter, Apr 24, 2016

Hi, all! I’m working on a presentation to our PR directors and Shriners fraternity members, and my manager wants to to discuss some of the changes in social media over the past year or so. What would you say are some of the bigger changes? I highlighted live stream, twitter polls, FB reactions, organic reach continues to decline. Thank you for your input.

That’s a superb list. If you need more content, the way some organizations are utilizing Snapchat is a cool topic but not a must-have, IMO.

Great list. I believe @jkennedy93 published a couple interesting posts recently.. Perhaps she can chime in:) I am also interested in seeing if folks are putting more effort into FB ads vs. Google Adwords for video, etc..

I also think there’s a trend toward monetization, “shopping” is happening more and I think there is an opportunity for introducing a retail element to social. Even for a hospital system there are probably ways to further engage in that way. Something like, sending flowers to a patient through a link on Pinterest.

Fresh from Social Media Marketing World and here are a few observations in addition to the ones above.

VIDEO! Time to get into it. By 2017 over 75% of online search will result from video content. Live video (Facebook loves itself and will give placement to live video posted in their platform) via Facebook, Periscope and Blab will be very searchable.

Local Authority: Google’s “direct answers” will more and more draw from local “authority” posts. If Janet is searching for medical information in Raleigh NC and a physician in Raleigh has posted on the topic they will be more likely to be recommended above the Mayo (or other online resources). That’s because Google assumes that I’ll want help from someone in my community. Time to blog and get specific on topics, long-tail keywords, etc.

Advertising on most platforms. Lots of ad experiments in Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. The jury is out on ROI but should be experimented with by healthcare.

These are all great! Thank you!

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Ooh! How about Twitter GIFs and the Twitter Audience Platform (for promoting tweets in apps outside of Twitter)? And paid promotion on Instagram?

I’m not familiar with the Twitter audience platform but will look into it and I added Gifs to the list. Thank you!

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At a high level (less tactical, more strategic):

The biggest overall trend is that social media are no longer free. All major social media platforms are monetizing their platforms, and organic reach, engagement and efficacy is being rapidly replaced by paid strategies.

In addition (and very much related to this) is the confluence of marketing/PR/communications/fund-raising/customer (or patient) service recovery/internal communications…all being propelled by social media. All forms of communication from organizations to their audiences is fundamentally changed by social media. People that use social media now need to be experts in all of these communication disciplines.


That’s a superb list. If you need more content, the way some organizations are utilizing Snapchat is a cool topic but not a must-have, IMO.

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I agree Tim – wondering if Mayo Clinic has a geofilter for Snapchat? I think we will see the rise and rise of Snapchat in healthcare before too long.

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