Bit.ly Branded Links - Yay or Nay?

Posted by Krista Gregg @kristagregg, Nov 2, 2018

My team is considering incorporating branded links into our social media strategy. Has your team had success with branded links? Did you go through bitl.ly or another service?

Appreciate your feedback!

One of the problems here is that most of the studies about branded shortened links is they are done by the people who offer the service, but here is one such study by Brandly which suggests a possible increase of up to 39% by click through rate.


I think I have seen Bit.ly refer to a 34% increase in CTR, but again, they are not an unbiased source.

Interestingly, I did find one technical paper from Cornell which suggests that shortened links may have SIGNIFICANT SECURITY AND PRIVACY concerns:

"URL shortening, which looks like a relatively minor feature, turns out to have serious consequences for the security and privacy of modern cloud services."

The reference is here and it may be worth a read by you or your Cloud folks.

Gone in Six Characters:
Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services

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