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Posted by Angi Moore @angela_k_moore, Oct 7, 2019

@chrisboyer and @reedsmith, and any others that record podcasts, what platform gives you the best metrics? We have a chaplain podcast that is hosted on BuzzSprout, and they are also available on Apple Podcasts. I am curious how you measure, and what the metrics are.

So this is a moving target… we have used Soundcloud, PodBean, and are now on Megaphone. We use the metrics from Megaphone along with what we can gather directly from platform portals like Stitcher and Spotify.

I would start to measure trends. So look at the first 7-day and 30-day downloads of an episode as a way to determine subscriber growth. The business of podcasting has not caught up with the demand of producers so it is hard to get true numbers from the likes of Apple which currently accounts for over 95% of downloads in most cases.

Does this help? Happy to discuss further.


@jkennedy93 @VickiBencken – any other suggestions?

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@angela_k_moore – I totally agree with Reed (obviously). We've been noticing that with the new iteration of Apple Podcasting Analytics, we're starting to see more informative results. They now are trying to more accurately report things like unlistened downloads (assuming you download it in the Podcast app on your iPhone), ad skipping, and episode retention rates. But generally it seems that the data is starting to be useful, but they still are focusing heavily on overall downloads as the main KPI. Sigh….we still have a long way to go.

Did you know that the IAB has podcast measuring guidelines? That might of interest to you – check it out here: https://www.iab.com/guidelines/podcast-measurement-guidelines/


Thank you, @reedsmith, @chrisboyer for the insight and @DanHinmon for tagging others that may have input.The chaplains post the podcasts themselves, so will ask for access and report back with any questions!

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