Aggressive Promotion 'Discounted services' as main marketing strategy

Posted by Mohamed Helmi, MD @mhelmi, Oct 5, 2019

Hello dear MCSM Networkians 🙂
I was asked to consult one of the top 5 hospitals' chains in the middle east regarding their digital marketing strategy and structure of digital marketing unit where they are allocating about 55K USD as a monthly advertising budget on 4 Digital marketing channels. about 90% of the monthly budget is allocated to promote discounts and the other 10% for all other types of content mainly for promoting Visiting international consultants.

Their complaint was that they never meet the expectations.

my primary advice was to limit the massive amount of services discounts and redirect the budget for creation of premium content showing the capabilities of the team and facilities, level of quality and technical advancement, testimonials, equipment, and content that promote health etc

My question to you, How do you find aggressive promotions as a main marketing strategy for a healthcare facility?

What would be your advice for such a case?

Love you all


Thanks for your question, Dr. Mohamed. Could you explain more about how "aggressive promotions" work in Egypt? Can you give us an example?


I would tend to say you don’t (partly because a healthcare service isn’t the same as an oil change, and I am not fully convinced that it is a good idea to think of patients as “consumers”). But anyway that wasn’t your question.

If I had to do it, then instead of focusing on the price discount, I would focus on the price transparency and then mention the price.

Examples: “ Got strep? $78 dollars for evaluation and antibiotic if needed”
“Sports Physicals! $70 dollars, 60 minutes. Every time.
“Full Physical, full lab panel, $100 dollars – same day.

If you can have real fixed price transparency and tell people what things will cost beforehand then that could be golden – a lower price will just be icing on the cake. People want to know what they are going to pay beforehand.

I would also avoid the word “discounts” because it suggests low quality. Rather “special price” , “introductory” price, “limited time” price, etc.

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