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In my webinar, How to Create an Awareness Campaign with Social Media, I outlined a step-by-step plan to create an awareness campaign from setting campaign objectives right through to measuring a campaign’s impact. Every good plan starts with an assessment of your current situation. Particularly if you’re working [...]
By Marie Ennis-O'Connor • February 23, 2018
In the webinar “4 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Content Calendar,” Taryn and I offered a few tips to help health care communications professionals start 2018 with a strong strategy. The first step is to review analytics. Step 2: Identify Brand Priorities Your brand priorities should be the [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • January 24, 2018
On July 26, 2016, we hosted a webinar with Dr. Joseph Dearani, chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery at Mayo Clinic, and a patient, Cynthia Burstein Waldman. Although our webinars are generally limited to premium members, we open three webinars each year to basic members and the public as [...]
By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • April 10, 2017
Both patients and physicians are finding practical benefits using social media. This is particularly true for patients with rare heart conditions. Dr. Joseph Dearani, Chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery at Mayo Clinic, is using Facebook pages to consolidate information for patients and their families as well as to [...]
By Margaret Shepard • July 18, 2016
St. Elizabeth Healthcare, a Mayo Clinic Care Network Member, is rethinking their use of social media and it has more than doubled their engagement in just a few months. Join us on June 21st at 12 pm CT for a webinar with St. Elizabeth’s marketing leaders and their [...]
By Margaret Shepard • June 6, 2016
At no other time in history have so many people been consuming news. Is your news reaching and activating your key audiences? Join us on May 25th at 11 am CT for a broadcasted workshop by Serena Ehrlich, Business Wire's Director of Social and Evolving Media. [...]
By Margaret Shepard • May 4, 2016
Could there be a sillier name than “Blab” for a professional social network? Well, if we can get used to Twitter, SnapChat and Pinterest, we can get used to Blab. Blab – the live video conversation platform (and Google Hangouts killer) is about to celebrate its first [...]
By Janet Kennedy • March 29, 2016