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"What about Snapchat?" This is a common question our social media team is asked. We like to test out the latest platforms, explore use cases, and see if there is a solid reason to join and add an additional platform into our social media mix. We hadn't found that [...]
By Margaret Shepard • January 8, 2019
2018 was quite a year for social media. Twitter added 140 characters and deleted an endless supply of fake accounts, Facebook spent significant time on Capitol Hill explaining data protection, Instagram launched IGTV. Here is what experts predict for 2019:
  • Voice search and smart audio will [...]
By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • January 2, 2019
As you may already know -- or will soon discover -- we're a friendly, helpful group. Here we offer tips for getting started as well as enhancing your already existing online presence. (Note: If you’ve joined the community as a basic member, consider upgrading. View your options.) Upload a [...]
By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • January 1, 2019
By: Margaret Shepard, Communications Specialist, Social and Digital Innovation, Mayo Clinic Department of Public Affairs and Nicole Brudos Ferrara, Senior Communications Specialist, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Research and Education Communications, Mayo Clinic Department of Public Affairs At Mayo Clinic nearly 1,000 physician researchers and scientists are pursuing discoveries with the aim [...]
By Margaret Shepard • December 13, 2018
These days, a smart phone is a must-have accessory when attending professional meetings and conferences. Attendees use them to snap photos of every slide presented, groaning in disappointment if the speaker clicks to the next slide before they’ve snapped a photo. Photos of the best slides get posted to Twitter. [...]
By Nicole Ferrara • November 28, 2018
From time to time, the Experts by Experience series features columns–Knowledge Translation–by guest authors who underscore the need for building an engaging, collaborative health care culture. Knowledge Translation columnists include health care leaders, clinicians, researchers, and marketing and communication professionals who translate the importance of integrating first-hand experiences of patients and caregivers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant, [...]
By Marie Ennis-O'Connor • November 2, 2018
In Part 2 of the MacGyver Method for Social Media Video, we'll discuss tips and tools to improve video quality. If you missed yesterday's post on platform optimization, check it out. This series is named for MacGyver, a character of persistence and improvision--of which social media [...]
By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • November 1, 2018