Physician Involvement

The days of executives sitting behind closed doors is over. Today, CEOs and physicians are taking Twitter followers behind the scenes and sharing real-life, real-time news and information. As this recent article in MD Magazine explains, physicians like Dr. Jennifer Gunter (@DrJenGunter) and Dr. Mike Sevilla (
By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • March 23, 2018
With age, most of us realize the value of a solid night’s sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. We come to understand that this self-care greatly impacts how we feel, function, and perceive events around us. This is exponentially true for family caregivers of a person facing a terminal illness. [...]
By Renata Louwers • February 2, 2018
The world is shaped by stories. As experts in our own lives, we all have something to share, and the pivotal role of shared experiences has been well-established in improving health outcomes. On February 2, Mayo Clinic, and health care social network Inspire will launch “Experts [...]
By Kanaaz Pereira • January 30, 2018
Positioning executives as trusted health care industry sources in the social media space can be invaluable for building customer, stakeholder, and employee advocacy. But building a successful executive thought leadership presence requires a clear strategy and committed team. Before you embark on social media thought leadership, consider these nine [...]
By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • December 8, 2017
Editor's Note: This essay is part of our weekly #TimeLessWisdom series, in which we're highlighting one of the contributions from our 2012 book, Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health CareLearn more about the series. The oncologist was so angry he was shaking. How had his photo [...]
By Cynthia Floyd Manley • November 24, 2017
On November 16, Dr. Farris Timimi, Medical Director of #MCSMN, joined Dr. John Nosewothy, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, to discuss social media at Mayo Clinic during Morning Rounds.  Speaking to an audience of busy physicians, he explained why and how they should spend at least one hour, once [...]
By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • November 22, 2017
During 2016 Mayo Clinic’s Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee began using Social Media scholarship as part of their metrics for promotion. This was based on the recognition of the increasing importance of social media for patient care and engagement, outreach, research and medical education. We announced this innovative concept [...]
By Daniel Cabrera • August 16, 2017