Mayo Clinic History

Why does the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network exist? The short answer is that it is consistent with Mayo Clinic's organizational DNA and its values. The long answer is to read this entire series. The in-between answer is in the distilled [...]
By Lee Aase • July 17, 2018
The slow dissemination of scientific and medical advances is one of the tragedies of modern medicine. People continue to suffer with various diseases, conditions and injuries because discoveries that could help them take so long—researchers estimate 17 years on average—to be translated into practice. One of [...]
By Lee Aase • July 2, 2018
This series has outlined the evolution of Mayo Clinic, and why embracing the opportunities inherent in social media was consistent with Mayo Clinic's organizational DNA and its values. More recently, we've shared our thought process for getting into [...]
By Lee Aase • June 18, 2018
In this series I've identified several inflection points in our adoption of social media at Mayo Clinic, including our first podcast, creating our Facebook page, easing into Twitter and getting started with blogging. [...]
By Lee Aase • June 7, 2018
As described in a previous post, my experimentation with a personal blog using beginning in July 2006 helped me get familiar with the technology and see for myself how we might use it on Mayo Clinic's behalf. I also got [...]
By Lee Aase • May 23, 2018
After our "proceed until apprehended" podcast experiment in 2005, our Mayo Clinic Division of Communications set up a cross-functional task force to define Mayo's approach to the proliferation of "New Media." We weren't even really thinking social media at the time. That [...]
By Lee Aase • May 14, 2018
Two external consultants — Shel Holtz and Andy Sernovitz — played important roles more than a decade ago in our Mayo Clinic social media journey. As our media team was considering how we might use technologies like blogs, Facebook and YouTube, visits to Rochester [...]
By Lee Aase • April 29, 2018