The social media landscape has changed a lot since we published Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care in 2012:
  • Facebook has grown from just under a billion monthly active users to more than 2 billion.
  • Images have become essential in all platforms.
  • [...]
By Lee Aase • September 21, 2017
We typically don't announce Mayo Clinic job openings here, but because one of these positions will do significant work with our Social & Digital Innovation Team it seemed appropriate. Follow the links to the complete job postings.

Communications Specialist (Supplemental) - Spanish-Language Social Media and Media Relations  – [...]

By Lee Aase • August 2, 2017
When I was a teenager, my family was lucky enough to have a house cleaner. Julie would visit once a month, straightening, wiping down, and putting things away. The night before each of Julie’s visits, my parents would ask me to pick up my room. For years, I was [...]
By Jess Columbo • March 2, 2017
We're pleased to announce two new job openings with our Mayo Clinic Social and Digital Innovation Team and the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network:
  • We’re seeking a Communications Specialist to provide social media support for our Florida campus. This Jacksonville-based communications specialist will provide strategic social media consultation and training [...]
By Lee Aase • February 24, 2016
We're pleased to announce a new job posting with our Mayo Clinic social media team for a Communications Specialist based on our Mayo Clinic campus in Arizona. This Communications Specialist will be part of our enterprise-wide Social and Digital Innovation Team, serving on the staff [...]
By Lee Aase • January 12, 2016
Next up in our series of interviews with the top Twitter-based content curators is this one with Patricia Anderson (@pfanderson), a member of MCCSM's External Advisory Board. (Read the first one with Marie Ennis-O'Connor By meredithgould • December 18, 2014
Moving right along with our interview with Elin Silveous. In Part I, she shared her eight "S" factors for successful curation.  Here she explains her nine [...]
By meredithgould • December 15, 2014