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Editor's Note: Chris Boyer is a member of our Center for Social Media Advisory Board and has contributed this post containing the criteria he uses for discussion with clients in his hospital system who want to create a blog, Facebook page, microsite or other Web outpost. The real stickler [...]
By • March 18, 2011
After his presentation at the Social Media Summit in Jacksonville, Shel Holtz talked about four reasons why organizations block Facebook, YouTube and other social sites, as well as the answers to those common objections. He also discussed the benefits that accrue to organizations through allowing employee access to social sites [...]
By • March 16, 2011
Within a few days after it was posted back in December, I saw at least half a dozen links to the op-ed coauthored by Newt Gingrich and neurosurgeon Kamal Thapar about how the doctor used information on Facebook to save a woman's life. (It was [...]
By • February 7, 2011