With Facebook’s blood donor tool, donors are now more easily connected with local blood donor centers. The Rochester Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program has recently implemented this tool into our recruitment efforts and is excited to [...]

By Lauren Brown • January 21, 2020

Christy Owenby will present "Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Advertising – Become an Expert" at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference. To learn more from Christy and other expert speakers, please join us!

Social media has [...]

By Christy Owenby • August 26, 2019

Melissa Dethlefsen will present "Elevate Your Campaign and Extend Your Reach Through Facebook Live" at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference. To learn more from Melissa and other expert speakers, please join us!

With dwindling newsroom staff and fewer dedicated reporters covering healthcare, The Content Marketing [...]

By Melissa Dethlefsen • July 26, 2019

Several weeks ago I attempted to boost this post on Mayo Clinic's Facebook page:

It was denied. For this reason:

I attempted to appeal the decision twice through the online appeal process. Twice it was denied. We're flattered Facebook deemed Mayo Clinic's medical supply donation process "an issue of national importance," but [...]

By Taryn Offenbacher, Senior Communications Specialist • June 6, 2019

A Facebook Watch Party is a showing of curated videos gathered into one post, on which viewers comment in real-time, much like a Facebook Live broadcast. Facebook first launched Watch Party to Groups in July 2018 and then all Pages and people in November. Mayo Clinic has hosted [...]

By Audrey Laine Seymour • April 16, 2019
Mayo Clinic is again cooperating with national partners to save lives by promoting colorectal cancer awareness, screening and prevention. For the last five years the campaign slogan was “80% by 2018” (or #80by2018 in hashtag formulation.) It was based on the reality that fewer than 70 [...]
By Lee Aase • February 21, 2019
In January 2019, Facebook removed the ability to boost scheduled Facebook Live broadcasts. There wasn't a big announcement... it just sort of happened. And many users, including @kristagregg and me, were shocked when they scrolled to their video post and saw "Boost Unavailable." In this video, I [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • February 18, 2019