Experts by Experience

“Dad was in ER today,” my mother-in-law told me in her native Korean.

A week ago, while at work, Dad (a.k.a. my father-in-law) had bumped his head hard. It was only when he had to sit down because he felt a sudden coldness on his head, that he drove – after [...]

By Soojin Jun • October 18, 2019

I recently spoke to 165 first-year medical school students at the University of Pittsburgh. It was their first day in the class, “Introduction to Being a Physician,” which is dedicated to the doctor/patient relationship, and focuses on humanism in medicine. The preceptor told me that previous students, who are now medical residents, remember the [...]

By Stacy Hurt • September 20, 2019

It was two weeks before Christmas and just days before both our birthdays. We had been married only four months, and it would be our very first birthday and holiday celebration together. I had been thinking about my life as a wife – married life – with children, a yard, flower beds, maybe even [...]

By Tiffany Kairos • September 6, 2019

The drip-drip-dripping of the sink in the radiology room echoed loudly in my brain as I waited for the pathologist. I just had a biopsy done for two spots on my neck—one suspected to be cancerous. “A nodule,” my primary care physician had previously explained at my annual physical. The [...]

By Carly Flumer • August 2, 2019

Life, as I knew it, was crashing down. I was sitting with my wife in the oncologist’s office and had just been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. But, I was about to experience some of the most optimistic and hopeful words I had ever heard.

My doctor could have told me about [...]

By Allan Butler • July 19, 2019

Everyone always talks about being sick.

My life took an unexpected turn after I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I was lost, trying to navigate the nature of this new disease, this new identity, in a new college where no one seemed to understand. So, when I found a community [...]

By meganstarshak • July 5, 2019

I was diagnosed with lymphedema last year, while undergoing treatment for pain and swelling issues with my right ankle, knee, and leg. After going over the examination and test results, the doctor asked me about my sleep quality and habits. I didn’t think much about it at the time—I was [...]

By John, Volunteer Mentor • June 21, 2019