Employee Communications

While all the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Guidelines for Employees protect our organization and employees alike, guideline seven is particularly protective of employees:

Mayo Clinic strongly discourages “friending” of patients on social media websites. Staff in patient care roles generally should not initiate or accept friend [...]

By Lee Aase • May 20, 2015
Many companies and non-profit organizations block access to social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with a corporate firewall. Mayo Clinic doesn’t. In fact, Mayo encourages appropriate online engagement, and our guidelines help employees understand what’s “appropriate.” Concern about employee productivity is one [...]
By Lee Aase • May 18, 2015
In essence, guideline number five restates and summarizes all previous ones. And while it’s in offered in the context of guidance for online communications, it doesn’t explicitly mention those; it’s about communications in general and emphasizes key cultural expectations:

Be professional, use good judgment and be [...]

By Lee Aase • May 15, 2015
Our Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic employees set expectations for including both disclaimers and disclosures in social media content.
  • Disclaimers indicate we’re speaking personally for ourselves during online conversations.
  • Disclosures provide the transparency that other participants expect and federal law requires.
  • [...]
By Lee Aase • May 13, 2015
Our Social Media Guidelines for Mayo Clinic employees underscore the importance of clarifying that we speak for ourselves, not Mayo, during online conversations. But a disclaimer is neither a magic incantation nor “Get Out of Jail Free” card, thus guideline number three:

If you [...]

By Lee Aase • May 11, 2015
Over the past 151 years, Mayo Clinic has become internationally known for excellence and integrity. As a result, our name has significant public meaning. During pre-Internet days, staff were not permitted to include their Mayo Clinic affiliation when writing newspaper letters-to-the-editor. For example, the correct sign-off would not be [...]
By Lee Aase • May 8, 2015
Some companies have promulgated separate social media policies. But as we consulted organizations in other industries, and our own Human Resources and Compliance colleagues, we determined Mayo Clinic did not need additional policies for social media. And so, here’s how we began our Guidelines document: Follow [...]
By Lee Aase • May 6, 2015