Community Development

Lisa Ramshaw...of course! Since she first joined, Lisa has shone brightly in the MCSMN universe. Her Bronze Fellow proposal ranks as one of the best we've ever received and she was our first Silver Fellow (read the post about that here). Thanks to Lisa's vision and organizational [...]
By meredithgould • January 6, 2016
We're pleased to announce that Mayo Clinic is a founding member of Health, and that through the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network we'll continue to offer educational resources and community for hospitals of any size as well as health care professionals at all levels of social media use. [...]
By Lee Aase • December 16, 2015
Editor's Note: Welcome to the first in an occasional series about healthcare-related chats on Twitter. Here I interview Colin Hung, co-founder of #HCLDR, a chat I've come to value for its wide range of topics and wisdom-generous participants.* Bernadette Keefe, [...]
By meredithgould • March 31, 2015
You've created new ways to use social networking platforms, some worked and others not so much. Same thing with digital tools for monitoring and measuring. If you're a marketing pro, you've come up with innovative ways to persuade C-Suiters about the value of digital engagement. Perhaps [...]
By meredithgould • February 9, 2015
Even if you've already heard MCCSM director, Lee Aase talk about Mayo's commitment to health care social media, you might want to give this podcast a listen. Part of the Dodge Communications Healthcare Thought Leadership Series, Lee is interviewed by [...]
By meredithgould • July 25, 2014
One of the greatest challenges in social media is working out what platforms and channels you should use. Ultimately, each new channel (whether it’s on a new network, or a second Facebook page) should be carefully evaluated before you start it. The primary criteria you should consider are summarized [...]
By Hugh Stephens • September 4, 2013
The Social Media Fellows Program is the next step after completing a Social Media Residency. Participants receive Social Media Fellow designation by demonstrating the active, actionable application of social media in health care environments/situations. For an overview of how the Social Media Fellows Program relates to Social Media Residency, as [...]
By Lee Aase • June 13, 2013