Community Development

We’re excited to introduce some new capabilities we have developed that will soon be part of our Mayo Clinic Connect community for patients and caregivers, but that we’re applying starting today here in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

We’re using [...]

By Lee Aase • March 26, 2020

Jen Rittenhouse will present "Evidence-Based Social Media: How to Support Your Organization on the Internet without Selling Your Soul" at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference. To learn more from Jen and other expert speakers, please join us!


It sent chills down my spine the first time I [...]

By Jen Rittenhouse • July 25, 2019

and Jenn Shafer

Jess Lewis and Jenn Shafer will present "Community & Collaboration: Building a Cohesive Culture Inside & Out" at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network 2019 Annual Conference. To learn more from Jess, Jenn, and other expert speakers, please join us!

You’re not an island – even [...]

By Jess Lewis • July 3, 2019

When our first daughter Eliza was born she was absolutely beautiful and seemed perfect in our eyes.

After about a week her skin became sallow. We suspected jaundice, so we did what every good parent did at the time in these cases. We stripped off her clothes and placed her safely on the [...]

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • June 11, 2019
Congratulations to Dr. Katherine Brown on becoming a Silver Fellow! In early 2018, Katherine created a social media plan to increase staff utilization of social media and to improve communication with stakeholders. The strategy outlined an approach to provide training for staff to learn about Twitter and create [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • March 22, 2019
For many people, sharing about their health online overrides conventional concerns about privacy. Each person weighs the benefits and risks arriving at their own “privacy calculus”. Patients and caregivers who share about their health in online communities told me that they agree with [...]
By Colleen Young, Connect Director • January 15, 2019
National Doctor's Day is held each year on March 30 in the U.S. Last year, we decided to have a post about the day, celebrating and thanking physicians. We posted this on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and it was one of the week's highest performing posts on each platform. [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • April 6, 2018