Book Reviews

The online patient community, Mayo Clinic Connect, together with health care social network Inspire, have released the second free ebook––Experts by Experience 2019: Patient Stories that Teach––a compendium of patient and caregiver stories published in 2019 on the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. 

The goal of this eBook [...]

By Kanaaz Pereira • February 27, 2020
Joe Public II: Embracing the New Paradigm Author: Chris Bevolo with Adam Meyer Format: Hardcover, Electronic Publisher: Interval, 2014 Back in 2011, Chris Bevolo’s healthcare marketing manifesto Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital had hospital communications professionals (including fellow MCCSM External Advisory Board member [...]
By Amanda Changuris • February 26, 2015
Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital Author: Chris Bevolo Format: Hardcover, Kindle Publisher: RockBench, 2011 A decade ago, when I became the communications and marketing officer for Vanderbilt’s cancer center, I faced frustration that I couldn’t put into words. I was caught between physicians asking [...]
By Cynthia Floyd Manley • February 10, 2015