We’re excited to introduce some new capabilities we have developed that will soon be part of our Mayo Clinic Connect community for patients and caregivers, but that we’re applying starting today here in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

We’re using [...]

By Lee Aase • March 26, 2020

Each day I skim through 70 to 100 news articles curated by Feedly to pick the three or four articles that I think will interest you and be most helpful to your work.

These end up in our News You Can Use (NYCU) section. This saves you time and makes [...]

By Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director • March 23, 2020

Congratulations to Olga Schibli, research fellow and head of postgraduate programs on healthcare management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Northwestern Switzerland, on becoming a Bronze Fellow!

Olga participated in a 2017 Social Media Residency and set out to create a comprehensive social media strategy [...]

By Audrey Laine Seymour • October 29, 2019

We’re pleased to announce an opportunity for the right candidate to become a member of Mayo Clinic’s Social & Digital Innovation Team. The opening is for a Communications Specialist to be based on our [...]

By Lee Aase • September 5, 2019
From its inception, the goal of #MCSMN has been to help lead the social media revolution in health care: to provide a gathering place for those interested in health care applications of social media to learn with us and from us…and us from them. To maximize our impact, we're introducing [...]
By Lee Aase • April 5, 2019
Congratulations to Jasmine R. Marcelin, M.D., and Kelly Cawcutt, M.D., Infectious Diseases, University of Nebraska Medical Center, on becoming a Bronze Fellow! Dr. Marcelin participated in our Social Media Residency last fall in Jacksonville and then crafted a comprehensive social media strategy to increase the national and [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • March 27, 2019
Congratulations to Dr. Katherine Brown on becoming a Silver Fellow! In early 2018, Katherine created a social media plan to increase staff utilization of social media and to improve communication with stakeholders. The strategy outlined an approach to provide training for staff to learn about Twitter and create [...]
By Audrey Laine Seymour • March 22, 2019