Building Online Communities as a Strategic Resource

Today I am giving a virtual (aren't they all these days?) presentation on this subject to the Healthcare PR & Marketing Society of NY (HPRMS), along with Colleen Young, our Mayo Clinic Connect Community Director.

We'll be discussing how social networking is part of the DNA of Mayo Clinic (and of health care in general) and why using general purpose social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram aligns with that reality, but also how owned community capabilities can create strategic opportunities for deeper relationships.

We'll share examples not only of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN) and Mayo Clinic Connect, but also Mayo Clinic News Network, #WeAreMayoClinic and our internal Mayo Clinic staff News Center.

Download the pdf of our slides.

One of the things we're most excited to share is a sneak peek at a major upgrade we're making to our Mayo Clinic Connect community site later this week.

Here's how the front page appears this morning...

...and here's what it will look like when the site comes back online sometime Friday after the Thursday evening upgrade:

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network is our community site for health care professionals and others who are interested in safe and effective use of social media tools to promote health, fight disease and improve health care.

It's a resource first for our Mayo Clinic staff, providing them the tools, training and guidelines they need to use social media well to support their work in clinical practice, research and education.

Most of the resource here are free to those outside of Mayo Clinic as well, through our complimentary Basic membership.

This includes templates, forms and sample guidelines on our Resources page, eBooks and participating in the community discussions.

We also offer Premium and Corporate memberships that include access to all of the resources our Mayo Clinic staff enjoy, including the Social for Healthcare Certificate and other educational offerings.

If you're interested in one of these options, please send us an email.

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