Mayo Clinic’s Patient Community Reaches Milestone

Mayo Clinic Connect, the online community Mayo Clinic provides for patients and caregivers to help them support each other in their health and health care journeys, has recently surpassed 100,000 members!

The community provides a safe place for people who want to discuss health-related concerns, whether they're Mayo Clinic patients or not. Users come to Mayo Clinic Connect to share their experiences and find support from people like them.

Anyone can browse the site to learn from others' questions and the ensuing discussions. To participate in the conversations, users simply create a free account using their email address.

Users appreciate that they can use a screen name instead of their real name to discuss health and medical issues and that the site has no advertising.

Since its last redesign in 2015 the community has blossomed, more than tripling its membership, thanks to active community management led by our Community Director Colleen Young with strong support from part-time staff moderators as well as volunteer mentors.

We started with 24 groups, mainly organized along disease and condition-based interests. For example, we had one group for all Cancer discussions.

As new people joined the community and we developed a critical mass of members with shared interests, we were able to form new groups and make them more specialized.

Today, in addition to the general Cancer group, we have groups dedicated to

  1. Brain Tumors
  2. Blood Cancers & Disorders
  3. Breast Cancer
  4. Cancer: Managing Symptoms
  5. CAR-T Cell Therapy
  6. Colorectal Cancer
  7. Gynecologic Cancers
  8. Head & Neck Cancers
  9. Lung Cancer
  10. Neuroendocrine Tumors
  11. Pancreatic Cancer
  12. Prostate Cancer
  13. Thyroid Cancer
  14. Caregivers

See the whole directory of nearly 70 groups, including the COVID-19 group we established early in the pandemic to help members support each other.

We have a significant redesign of Mayo Clinic Connect in progress, which we expect to go live in the first quarter of 2021. We'll be overhauling the homepage to make it easier for members to find and track conversations that interest them across various groups, and using technology to enable Spanish speakers to fully participate.

But even as we're improving our technology, what matters most is the human connections our members are able to make. Here are some examples of their recent comments:

  • Thank you for sharing your experience – it has encouraged me to do likewise.
  • Thank you for these posts! It’s helped more than you know!!
  • Again, thank you for this place and all the kindness here.
  • I am VERY grateful to one of my sisters who told me about your site as knowing there is a safe place to ask questions and read [the stories of] others is comforting.

We're looking forward to a year of significant growth in 2021, and hope you will check out and join Mayo Clinic Connect.

Congrats on the milestone!
I never thought to suggest this resource to my clients with medical conditions, but I'd be happy to do that. Take care and HNY!


Congrats on the milestone!
I never thought to suggest this resource to my clients with medical conditions, but I'd be happy to do that. Take care and HNY!

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HNY to you as well!


Great success.

You know, apart from the obvious benefits of patient-supporting one another, I think there are some real lessons for administrators to consider.

For example, there are over 425 comments on Covid vaccination and transplant patients (an order of magnitude higher than most of the other engagement) , which implies this is an area that is begging for clarification from the experts.

This may be worth a Mayo Youtube Video or an NIH youtube video on just this subject?

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