Where Did NYCU – Our Curated News Section – Go?

Here it is!

Each day I skim through 70 to 100 news articles curated by Feedly to pick the three or four articles that I think will interest you and be most helpful to your work.

These end up in our News You Can Use (NYCU) section. This saves you time and makes sure you see the most important social media news. See how helpful this is?

Since we redesigned our home page last fall, this section has been a bit hidden. We rightly gave discussions prominent placement – we find through surveys and discussions with you that the discussion forum provides you the most value – and that meant requiring you to click on the NYCU tab to access the curated news. Since it’s not so obvious, I’m writing this post to remind you where it is.

Here’s how I decide what to include there.

I always pick articles that announce or explain platform or feature updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. I want to make sure you’re aware of those. (I’ll rarely add Snapchat news and I’m pretty much avoiding TikTok for now, in spite of its growing popularity. Do we need one more shiny object?) Then I look for “how-to” or “top 10” articles that may make your job simpler. Last of all, I’ll select a lifestyle or work tip that I think you might enjoy reading.

Here are some NYCU examples from this past week:

I also welcome your suggestions. If you find an article that you think we should share with the MCSMN community, send it to me for consideration.

Am I meeting your needs here? What could we do differently or better to improve this curated news service?

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