Join us for the #MayoSHSMD Virtual Conference

We're excited to announce that registration is opening today for a virtual conference we're producing with the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD): Advanced Health Care Social Media & Digital Marketing, a.k.a. #MayoSHSMD, June 2-3, 2020.

Lisa Hinkle, the SHSMD Director of Education, approached us last October with the idea of working together on a virtual conference. She wanted to offer her members an advanced-level conference, and thought we could help create a strong program. We've been hosting health care social media conferences at Mayo Clinic for more than 10 years, and have collaborated on three international social media summits, two in Australia and one last December in Dubai.

Virtual Means Lower Registration and No Travel Costs

For our part, we welcomed the opportunity to work with this professional membership group of the American Hospital Association. We were confident we could put together a great program with SHSMD, and after a decade of managing in-person event logistics thought this would be a nice change of pace.

We also decided this virtual conference would be our main Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) event for 2020. While we would miss the face-to-face interaction of our in-person conferences, we saw upside in making it possible for more of our members to participate, with a lower registration fee ($199) and no travel costs.

We obviously had no idea that COVID-19 would lead to the cancellation of in-person conferences all over the world.

So while we can't claim any special foreknowledge, this decision to join together in a virtual conference has turned out better than we could have imagined.

Discounts for Premium and Corporate Members

Because it's our main event for 2020, we've ensured that Premium and Corporate members of MCSMN receive our customary 25% discount on registration, bringing it down to $149. Just send an email to our Community Director, Dan Hinmon, and he'll send you the promo code you need to get that reduced rate.

If you're not yet a Premium or Corporate member, we have a special offer between now and the June 2 start of the virtual conference: Premium membership (regularly $295) is reduced to $195, and you'll also be eligible for the $149 conference rate.

Check Out the Virtual Conference Program

Join MCSMN or upgrade now, and then Dan will send you the code to get your $50 savings on virtual conference registration.

You'll also get access to our almost-monthly webinars (regularly $59 each) as well as the Social for Healthcare Certificate online training (regularly $250).

Check out the virtual conference program and join us online June 2-3!

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