From the mailbag…

I received a nice email last week from Ashley Bedard, Chapter Coordinator for the Minnesota chapter of the American College of Healthcare executives, highlighting the benefits she's seen from participating in our Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN). I'm sharing this with her permission.

I am very grateful for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network! The Residency and Conference in October was phenomenal and has directly influenced the success of our social media strategy for ACHE MN. 

When the ACHE MN Board of Directors hired me to assist with communications in March 2019, they had a sporadically used Twitter account and a LinkedIn Group. The first step was to revive the Twitter account and create a LinkedIn company page.  The ACHE MN chapter went from ZERO public visibility on LinkedIn, to the MOST followed chapter of ACHE with 1,000+ followers!

We recently implemented the Social Media Strategic Plan I had prepared for the conference, which expanded our social media presence to include Facebook and Instagram. The MCSMN Social Media Basics for Healthcare provided me with a level of comfort to use these platforms as well as prepared me to utilize Hootsuite to manage the platforms.

Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency and Conference was instrumental in the success of our social media presence. Again, I thank you and look forward to attending future events and gaining knowledge!

Your next chance to take part in Social Media Residency in June 4 on our Rochester, Minn. campus. Registration includes a one-year individual Premium membership in MCSMN, as well as access to the Social for Healthcare Certificate online training. Those who are already Premium or Corporate members save 25% on Social Media Residency registration.

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Wow! I am not sure who that speaks more highly of? @ashleybedard And her team or the program? Ashley, that’s fabulous and I suspect you will be teaching us soon!

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