Jumping in Feet First

TriHealth colleagues Jenn Shafer and Jess Lewis following their presentation at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network annual conference last October.

Jess Lewis, a Social Media Specialist at TriHealth, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, joined the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network when TriHealth became a MCSMN corporate member in 2017.

As Lewis explored the website, she found a community she would gladly be a part of.

“I joined the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network because it’s something my organization was actually already involved with, but I got more involved when I saw that all the advice and the conversations were from people who were super experienced with social media.”

Since joining the community, Lewis has been incredibly active in discussions, constantly sharing advice from how her organization uses social media. This aspect of the site is Lewis’ favorite part.

“What I found most valuable about the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network is the ability to both give and get advice. If I have a question, someone will always answer it, and I found that to be immensely valuable in the way I do my job.”

Lewis brought her activities in the community from online to in person as she presented Community & Collaboration: Building a Cohesive Culture Inside & Out with TriHealth colleague Jenn Shafer at the 2019 MCSMN Annual Conference.

Lewis kept it simple when giving advice for potential members of the community:

“I would say just do it, just jump in with both feet first, or head first whichever you choose. But really, once you see the discussion boards, and start participating, you’ll enjoy it.”

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