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Experts by Experience: Second Free eBook Released

The online patient community, Mayo Clinic Connect, together with health care social network Inspire, have released the second free ebook––Experts by Experience 2019: Patient Stories that Teach––a compendium of patient and caregiver stories published in 2019 on the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. 

Experts by Experience 2019 ebook

The goal of this eBook is twofold:

  • Create a collection of patient and caregiver narratives that might help others going through similar experiences.
  • Provide a rich learning experience for healthcare professionals so that they can deliver better patient-centered care.

These stories provide vital insights from patients’ perspectives. You will read about the real-life experiences and personal journeys of people during some of their most vulnerable and challenging times. You will gain insight into patients’ needs, their beliefs and concerns, and how this knowledge can help healthcare professionals improve patient engagement, communication and facilitate care decisions with patients as partners––all of which goes a long way towards healing.

This compilation is described as “Stories that Teach” because patients and caregivers teach us to find meaning in the loss of health, and to explore the potential of healing medicine that is grounded in personal experience. For health providers, and those in health communication and administration, these narratives help pave the way for creating a health care culture that values compassion and inspires shared decision-making between patients and their health providers. As you read these stories, you will recognize a simple truth in the variety of emotions and voices of the authors: “What matters to me is being heard, being taken seriously. I want to know what the doctor knows...or doesn’t know. And, I want to have a voice in the decisions made about me.”––member, Mayo Clinic Connect.

Download the Experts by Experience 2019 ebook (pdf).

Excited to read this. Suggestion – move the 2019 ebook up on your web page so that it is first, before the 2018 ebook.

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