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Finding the Best Training

Christy Owenby, the CEO and Healthcare Digital Strategist of MOXY Company in Covington, Louisiana, was looking to keep her team up to date on trends in healthcare and marketing. Driven by her belief that Mayo Clinic is the gold standard in healthcare, Owenby knew that the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network would offer her and her team gold standard training:

“They had an awesome program, the social media residency, the fellowship program after. They really took healthcare marketing very seriously, and that’s what we wanted to be a part of,” Owenby stated.

In addition to this valuable training, Owenby said the most value she found is the community, specifically fellow healthcare marketers that have the same interests.

“We want to make sure that we all protect our healthcare organizations, and our physicians and doctors that we represent, and the information, the education and the technology advancements and just the network we find, the relationships we build.”

Since joining in 2018, Owenby has been an active participant in the community. Taking part in discussions, obtaining the Social Media Basics Certificate, as well as the Social Media Residency and becoming a Bronze Fellow, a track Owenby suggests that all who are considering joining to do. In addition Owenby emphasizes this membership and education to clients in order to provide them with more advanced, strategic and HIPAA-compliant marketing plans.

All in all, Owenby says the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network is her "go to."

“The place to go for education and to have the most trending topics in what’s going on in healthcare marketing is with the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.”

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