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Rob Zanin began his work at WellStar Health System in Atlanta in 2007, and since that time he has risen to act as the director of digital strategy and brand experience, a role he has filled for the past six years. When WellStar Health System joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, he knew joining the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network was the logical next step for him to take.

“As a leader in the digital space it just made total sense for us to join the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network as well. There are so many amazing marketers on the platform solving similar problems to what we’re solving in Atlanta, and it’s just a great space to share ideas.”

As he continued to explore the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, he found out this valuable platform was different than the rest.

“It’s super valuable to us because there’s such a low amount of vendor noise on the platform compared to what you may see on other medical discussion boards, where everyone seems to be pitching their solution although it might not be best thing for you. Mayo Clinic really offers a neutral approach where everyone comes together to help the patient.”

As time went on as a member of the community, Zanin not only learned from the community but was also able to share his experience and knowledge. At the 2019 MCSMN Annual Conference, Zanin’s presentation, “Engineering Efficacy for Small Teams” shared how his team has found success.

For those new to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, or those considering joining, Zanin suggested using the knowledge of those who came before,

“I would definitely chat with other people in the industry who have tried it. Learn a little bit more about the benefit that they found.” He added, “Obviously there’s very little risk to signing up, the forums are well archived, well tagged, well curated, and I think you’ll get a lot of value out of it.”

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The @MayoClinic Social Media Network - a great space to share ideas. #WellStarHealth #DigitalStrategy
A new member of the @MayoClinic Social Media Network gives it a glowing review. Get the full story here: #DigitalStrategy #MCSMN
The @MayoClinic Social Media Network - a neutral space where everyone comes together to help the patient. #DigitalStrategy #WellStarHealth #MCSMN

I didn’t even consider the lack of ads, which I agree is a really nice thing.

If I had to pin down the benefit for me, is I can spend < 10 minutes on this network and invariably I will learn one new thing from someone else. Multiply that by 5 x a week for several years and it gives me a reasonably breadth of knowledge of healthcare social media.

This doesn’t mean I am an expert, but, interestingly, if we think of the entire MCSMN as a digital agent, we are probably one of the top 10 healthcare social media experts in the country! (Hey, that’s not a bad idea for a blog post for myself!)

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