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Facebook Supports Blood Donation

With Facebook’s blood donor tool, donors are now more easily connected with local blood donor centers. The Rochester Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program has recently implemented this tool into our recruitment efforts and is excited to see the potential that it has to offer.

Registering as a donor on Facebook has many benefits for a blood donor. As donors register, they are able to receive Facebook notifications when a blood bank puts out a plea for donations. Donors are also able to set reminders to schedule a donation, click on interactive posts from blood banks to call, schedule an appointment online, or use GPS to get to the blood bank all at the click of one button. To register yourself as a blood donor on Facebook, click here.

Being a registered blood bank on Facebook also has its perks. As the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program, we were able to register with the following qualifications per Facebook’s policies:

  • Be an organization that collects blood donations and has an active FEI registered with the FDA.
  • Have up-to-date location and contact info that can be verified.
  • Have a location that is open to the public.

Once registered, our Blood Donor Program is able to access various tools. At the top of our Facebook Page there is now a Blood Donation “tab” where we can create a request for blood donors in our area, change/add/update  our location(s), and see statistics from our pleas to see how effective they have been.

Here is an example as to what our first “plea” looked like:

The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program is excited to experiment with this tool, and to see how effective it is in recruitment efforts.

Lauren Brown is a Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator for the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program

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