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Angi Moore, Director of Digital Marketing at Cassia

As Angi Moore began her new role as director of digital marketing at Cassia in a Minneapolis suburb, she was looking for a place to learn from others in her field. In her job prior to Cassia, she primarily implemented the customer relations management (CRM) software. With Cassia, besides implementing CRM she would also be responsible for digital marketing strategies.

A fantastic resource

As Moore prepared for her new role, she needed a place to go to expand her knowledge. She found this in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

“It’s been a fantastic resource for me as my company has gone through some growing pains of developing their own social media plans and policy,” explains Moore. “Having the feedback from the colleagues on the network has been invaluable.”

Moore joined the Social Media Network in January this year and discovered that the discussion forum helped her reach many other members with a wide range of expertise and knowledge. She received varied and candid answers faster than she expected and found she could rely on the community. Everyone was willing to help, even if it meant meeting in person.

Start implementing right away

“Within the first month of being a member I actually met face to face with another network member, and she provided incredible insight and great resources for me to take back and start implementing right away” Moore said.

“The wealth of resources, in terms of people and knowledge, is invaluable,” Moore added. “I wouldn’t be able to do my role without their help. There are no dumb questions, and I never feel like I am too low on the totem-pole to get great responses.”

New ways to accomplish goals

As Moore faces challenges she is constantly thinking of new ways to accomplish her goals. She knows a helping hand is just a click away. “The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network allows you to have great ideas and receive the tools and knowledge to bring them to fruition.”

Find out more about the benefits of Mayo Clinic Social Media Network memberships.

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Via @MayoClinic: A helping hand is just a click away #DigitalMarketing #MCSMN
Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, a place where there are no dumb questions and no simplistic answers. #DigitalMarketing
As she prepared for her new role as a digital marketing expert, she needed a place to go to expand her knowledge. She found it in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. #DigitalMarketing #MCSMN

This is a super testimonial!

I think there’s quite a lot of value especially to video testimonials. I wonder if at next years Conference if we should set up a booth allowing people to record testimonials (or have a floating video crew?) which can be used to help grow the community?

We could even use that as training for how organizations can use video testimonials for their own orgs (such as for physician recruiting).

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