Day Two – 2019 #MCSMN Annual Conference

Wednesday was the final day of our Annual Conference. 2 keynotes and three breakout sessions and a live podcast recording occurred for a day filled with great content and opportunities to learn.

Below are some key takeaways from the various sessions. You can view more insights from the two days of the conference on Twitter by searching #MCSMN.

Keynote: Do Less. Slow Down: The Counter-Intuitive Approach to Strategic, Sane, Sustainable Social Media Success by Ann Handley

  • "It's not can I have your attention?" it's "How can I earn your trust?"
  • We need trust and affinity together to be successful. Do I trust you, but also do I like you.
  • Slow down and question what we know about our community
  • Every story is a human-sized story about a universal truth
  • Slow down the experience
  • Slow down and lose your marketing voice, get more specific and more relatable

Online Review - How to Handle, Measure and Gain Insight from What Your Consumers are Telling You by Reed Smith

  • Review management goes beyond the best software and star reviews. It takes effort, resources, and budget to own your organization’s presence online. Even if your org handles reviews manually, there are ways to be efficient.
  • Manage and claim listing sites (online directories). Be sure key information is accurate: name, address, phone.
  • Respond to feedback appropriately. Acknowledge the reviewer, good or bad. Even a negative perception is reality for the person.
  • Have an organizational process, from response time to leadership buy-in.

Only Minutes to Act: Your Social Planning Didn't Cover This Situation - Now What? by Camela Morrissey and Beth Granger

  • Collaboration between all departments that could be potentially involved in the controversy is essential.
  • Establish messaging for external and internal communications.
  • Be ready and willing to deviate from set plan.
  • Educate yourself on how to respond to unforeseen situations prior to the crisis.

Keynote: The 4 Neighborhoods of Instagram by Susan B. Zimmerman

  • Four main areas for content production and interaction on Instagram are Story, Feed, Live, and IGTV.
  • Use Feed for building "portfolio" that you can reference later.
  • Use Stories to share time sensitive content as it only lasts for 24 hours.
  • Use Live for interviews or collaborations and enable yourself to get immediate interaction or feedback
  • Use IGTV for long form video explanations that can contribute to your "portfolio"
  • Ensure your brand is consistent throughout account.

Future Trends of Social Media Live Touch Point Podcast Recording by Chris Boyer and Reed Smith

Mayo Clinic's social media team joined Chris and Reed for a live recording of the Touch Point podcast. Listen to the episode next Wednesday!

Using a Deliberate Social Media Strategy to Boost National Recognition by Dr. Jasmine Marcelin and Dr. Kelly Cawcutt

  • Requires multifaceted approach: Used a blog to present authentic voice and present department to national audience as well as for recruitment, and later Twitter to amplify that content.
  • Be careful what metrics you pick as they may not be as useful as you think it may be.
  • Time will be the greatest challenge so schedule and plan ahead.
  • Tasks can accumulate quickly: delegation and support is needed.

Inspiring Health from HSHS Sacred Heart: Learnings from an Evolving Content Strategy Jane Crosby and Alyssa Van Duyse

  • Develop a persona and create content for that person (in this case, “Pitchin’ it to Pam”).
  • Balance lifestyle and healthcare-related content.
  • Be sure online content hubs are ADA compliant.
  • Repurpose content, from digital to print and vice versa.
  • Space posts over time (4-10 blog posts scheduled over the course of a month instead of 4 in a couple of days).
  • Maintain the platform. People should hear from you periodically so they retain interest.
  • Pay attention to data, including who is engaging and how.
  • For a print publication, recommend 16-24 pages happening 4-5 times a year. This page number allows for more substantive stories. Direct mail and placement in clinics show success.

Boosting Your Personal Professional Brand Using LinkedIn by Beth Granger

  • LinkedIn is one of the places where we get to present ourselves and very rarely encounter negativity
  • We can use the profile, feed, groups, and company pages as personal real estate.
  • Text only posts are most likely to have the most engagement, links receive the least, but experiment and see what is best for your network.

What We Leave Behind: Social Media Marketing for Deceased Organ Donation by Tony Hart

  • Focus on making a difference to drive clicks.
  • Be specific with CTAs: Need + Action do best when paired.
  • Consider cause marketing because: It’s the right thing to do, it can strengthen your brand mission and reputation, it helps increase loyalty among consumers and employees.

Wish I had heard the entire Do Less . Slow down … Keynote. Great topics all around.

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